Any tenant and authorized drivers, indicated by DAFFY CAR with the recto of this contract are held to provide a valid identity card or passport, and a driving licence (1 minimum year of validity). The hiring is authorized for one firm duration specified to the recto of this contract. The day of hiring corresponds to 12 midnight, as from the hour of the assumption of responsibility of the car. Any started day is due. DAFFY CAR reserves the full right to put an end to the hiring without justification or allowance if the driver would not have respected one of the obligations of this contract returning to him. As of handing-over of the vehicle, the approved tenant and drivers become entirely responsible towards DAFFY CAR for the integral execution of these conditions.


Normal mechanical wear is with the load of DAFFY CAR. All repairs coming from abnormal wear negligence on behalf of the customer. The replaced defective pieces will have to be presented with the regularly discharged invoice mentioning the integral amount of repair.


The renter declares that the five pneumatic tyres of the car are in good state, without cut; that wear is normal. In the event of deterioration of the one of them for a cause other than the fair wear and tear, the tenant commits himself immediately replacing by of a the same tire dimension and same brand as those which equipped the rented vehicle.


The tenant will not be able to in no case advertisement with DAFFY CAR of the damages. Either for delay of handing-over of the car or cancellation of the hiring, or in the case of necessary repair due to the fair wear and tear and carried out during the hiring. DAFFY CAR releases any responsibility for the illegal uses of the cars by the tenants. Optional warranties and complementary insurances: the tenant is guaranteed according to the general terms of the insurance policies contracted by DAFFY CAR namely: Accidents caused with the third according to the frankness and the civil responsibility. For the fire and flights of the accessories, clothing and all the objects inside the car and of the trunk, the driver remains its own insurer. The customer must return the report of police duly filled and failing this deal with all the sums for repair of the vehicle. The customer will not have to in no case to discuss the responsibility for the accident, nor to compromise with thirds or to make act which can obstruct or engage the insurance company in the settlement of the claim. The tenant remains responsible for the damage caused at the lower parts of the vehicle for whatever causes that it is even if it subscribes to the repurchase of frankness CDW. Lower parts meaning bodies located under the frames. – the degradations inside the vehicle. – the damage caused with the pneumatic tyres and rims. – Radiator, Cardan joint, etc… which are not covered by the insurer Lastly, the tenant is waned warranties flight, fire and damage caused with the vehicle. Any driver in state intoxication or under the influence of an alcoholic state or under the effect of drugs or any other substance modifying the reflexes essential to control.


The tenant will pay in advance the guarantee deposited by him will not be able to in no case to be used for a prolongation of the hiring by accompanying it by the corresponding provision, under penalty of exposing it to legal proceedings for the diversion of vehicle and breach of trust. However, the hirer out reserves the right to refuse the prolongation of the hiring, with obligation for this last to restore the vehicle immediately.


The tenant is insured against the flight, but this warranty cannot play that known books restitution of the keys, automobile license of the vehicle and other required documents with circulation.


The vehicle must be restored during the opening hours of the agencies of rentals, at the date, the hour and the place envisaged with the contract. The vehicle must also restored with the documents, equipment and accessories with circulation. If the tenant cannot restore the documents of circulation or the keys of the vehicle, it must discharge until production by him, of a certificate of loss as well as the expenses of delivery of the duplicate.


The tenant and or conducting counsels are responsible for the fines, infringments statements established in their opposition. He commits himself refunding the amount with DAFFY BECAUSE if this one were brought to make the advance of it.


In the event of litigation which could be born with the execution from present contract, the courts of Casablanca, will be only qualified.